Daily Booster - Keep Clean

Sometimes everyone notices that their devices are working slower. When it happens, you need to have an app to take care of your phone. That's why we released the cleaning caretaker. With Daily Booster, you will forget about slow performance because your phone will always be clean and fast!

Daily Booster is a versatile tool that includes:
🔴 Junk Clean
🔴 Phone Booster
🔴Battery Saver
🔴 CPU Cooler

⚡ Battery Saver
Battery Saver will help you reduce your device's battery consumption in unused hibernation applications. Its lifetime adds up to 40%.
🌡️ CPU Cooler
The CPU cooler will help you keep an eye on your phone temperature and, if the temperature is too high, reduce your CPU load.
🚀Phone Booster
Close background applications to free up running memory. Speed up your android phone and improve efficiency. Clear the window cleaner for phone window pop-ups.
🗑Junk Clean
The Junk Clean helps analyze all log files, temporary files, history files, ad files, and useless apk files after installation. Then it will suggest you to clean up these junk files to free up more space on your phone.




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