Play Tube - Block Ads on Video

You can search your favorite videos using Play Tube - Block Ads on Video add free tube app.
Popup screen feature also in Play Tube you can watch ad free videos in popup screen. Dark/Light mode also in Play Tube add free tube app
You can also subscribe you favorite videos creators without any login with Play Tube - ad free tube app.
You can improve search results using different Play Tube search filters.
You can watch HD And 4k video because the Play Tube supported high resolution with high FPS.
Play Tube - Block Ads on Video is very easy to use, it does not require any device root.

Features in

Popup video
Search filters
No Login Required
No root required
Dark/Light Mode in Play Tube mode selection.
Play Tube trending page
Auto play video with Play Tube
Discover any video with Play Tube
Play Tube High resolution supported

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YouTube v3 API key use in Play Tube . This app does not allow any kind of content to be downloaded if you have




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